Saturday, June 07, 2008


There were some giant storms in the Northwest Ohio/Southeast Michigan region last night. In the midst of one, I decided to go over to my main man Drew's residence, witnessing lightening, fallen tree crap, and lots of dust.

There there was a metaphorical "storm" in the sense of crazy partying with drunk hill-billies. My friend's stepdad and me finally made nice after I accidently ate his lunch one night. It was pretty cathardic.

I came home this morning to find the power had left my house. We have a well, so our water goes off when the electricity goes off.

Basically, this meant I had to go to work tired, hungover, and unshowered. I was not in the mood for people's crap. But today was pretty easy. Lucky me.

I work so frickin' much. I am so frickin' tired. It kinda sucks, but I have over $1000 in my bank roll, which is more than I have ever had in there before. That rocks.

I rock.


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